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A book for my birthday
Recently while traveling in Dublin, Ireland, I learned that James Joyce chose his birthday for the release of his novel “Finnegan’s Wake.” “If James Joyce can use his birthday as a deadline, so can I!” Using a saddlebag full of my … Read more
Irish roving and the joys of wandering
Getting lost in Dublin, Ireland will not get you arrested or a distinguished medal of honor, because getting lost is as common as death. The Dublin street signs written in Irish and English sit high above the sidewalks on the sides of buildings. If …Read more
Catching on to summer fun
One of my best memories of my father, who died in 1997, was salmon fishing with him in Canada. He invited me and my daughter, Lily, age 12 at the time, to join him for a fishing adventure. After flying from Denver to Vancouver, a 12-seater float … Read more
Ten ways to become a scatterbrain
Listen up, this is important. When I was in fourth grade at Maple Grove Elementary School, a four-room schoolhouse at the corner of 32nd and Youngfield, I aced a magazine test, “Are you a scatterbrain?” (a scatterbrain is anybody incapable of … Read more Logo

Remembering the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor in Hawaii, is it possible to find humor? December, 7, 2013, marks 72 years since that fateful day. When my husband Dick and I, both born right after World War II, visited Pearl Harbor last summer, I felt…
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How Fishing Improves Your Vocabulary
What is it about fishing that improves one’s vocabulary? Yesterday I hooked a fish. After putting up a good fight, he said, “I’m just floundering around.” “You’re too young to talk,” I said, and threw him back in the stream. “Sucker,” he shrieked…. Read more