Mary Stobie Book Cover

You Fall Off, You Get Back On by Mary Stobie, an unusual and just plain joyful memoir, is part Annie Oakley, part Erma Bombeck and 100% original. Rocky Mountain writer Stobie terms her work a “patchwork memoir.”

Patchwork it is—breezy and wide-ranging personal essays and columns deftly woven into a funny and cohesive fabric. Recounted in appealing short takes, Stobie’s entertaining experiences include stints as a young rodeo champion and a Hollywood ingénue. As a starlet she had surprising encounters with Hollywood A-listers like Warren Beatty and George C. Scott, and Clint Eastwood before she settled into the writing and family life back on the Colorado range.

“Settled,” as readers will discover, though, isn’t quite what Mary Stobie is about. Even in suburbia, for Stobie every day is an adventure (or misadventure), and every escapade is a great excuse for a joke and even a life lesson or two.

You Fall Off, You Get Back On is a reading treat for anyone who appreciates the Rocky Mountains, enjoys an honest and loving life story well-told, and loves a good laugh.

Artist, photographer, rodeo cowgirl, actress, arm candy for an Academy Award-winning director, an enabler of disorder, science failure and successful mom, Mary Stobie is a gal you want to meet. Or at least read, in a wide-ranging, upbeat collection of personal and revealing essays.”

— Stu Bykofsky, columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

I couldn’t put the book down! I love You Fall Off, You Get Back On. I did not expect the brilliant smorgasbord of delightful topics and humorous anecdotes about Hollywood A-list celebrities. This memoir is funny, unique and an incredibly enjoyable read.”

— Rose A. Valenta, Membership Chair

National Society of Newspaper Columnists

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